Terraria – Build, Explore and Fight!

Welcome to my first post, i will be posting many posts of games and maybe sometimes movies. First of all i will be taking games that i have played, know about and you can send me an request šŸ˜€ So i will start with Terraria.



Terraria is a 2d sidescroller game. It is nice graphics and it isn’t laggy at all (for me). The game is very popular around the world and you can visit their homepage at: http://terraria.org/ . You can buy it on their homepage or on steam.

The game is based on randomly generated worlds and there are many thing to to like: Build your own home/house/city, or you can dig yourself an cave, maybe dig yourself down to hell? that would been nice… there has just comed out an new patch to the game that almost doubled the gameplay on it. There cam 222 new items, 4 new bosses, 4 new armour sets, many new weapons, new colour systems, etc. so, you can even find your own temple where you find a man that gives you an mission; kill skeletron, then you will get past down to the dungeon. Soo, there are tons of exploring, building and fighting in this game! it’s worth to buy it.

There is an multiplayer mode in the game so you can even play with players on the other side of the world! (real life world). or maybe LAN’ing with your buddies, playing with your brother, so on…

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Words: 250.


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